About the sky

The sky changes continuously. Depending on where you are when looking to the stars, the sky is always different. This is exactly what makes the starry sky, belonging to a special moment, unique and extraordinary. But how does it work? Since the earth rotates around its axis, and around the sun at the same time, you will always see something different. During the day, stars are up in the sky, too, but sunlight makes it hard to find them.


There is a total of 88 constellations. It’s impossible to see them all at once; seeing them depends on your time and location. Our MrStarsky posters show you the sky and constellations visible at the chosen time and location, along with 5 visible constellation-illustrations from that specific sky. So, each poster is different: a changing sky full of stars and – in certain designs – varying illustrations!

Astronomy and astrology

MrStarsky has taken the scientific approach to show the sky as it was during a special occasion, rather than an astrological approach. We’re all familiar with the twelve most-known constellations out of the 88 called the zodiac signs. They represent our horoscopes. It is not guaranteed that your astrological sign was visible at birth, and will, in that case, be included on a poster (after all, everyone born from the 21st till the 21st has the same zodiac sign, but chances are slim that one has the same position of the stars as the next person).

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