About the poster

With the posters of MrStarsky, you can now eternalize the unique position of the stars during that one special moment: from the birth of a baby to a wedding; from a birthday to an anniversary – it’s all possible! The starry sky never looks the same, depending on the moment you look up and from where you’re looking up.

The design of a poster is all up to you: besides having the unique position of the stars displayed on paper, there’s also enough space at the bottom of the poster for you to put the name/names (or a made-up title) of those for whom the gift is meant, with the corresponding information (location/date/time). Want to write a special quote/wish for the receiver of a poster? No worries! There are two additional lines where you can leave a special message.

During the process of making a poster, the website gives you a default way in which the place, date and time are written. You may, of course, give it a twist yourself!

We may forget it sometimes, because we can’t see them, but the stars shine very brightly during the day as well. MrStarsky chose to give the sky a ‘daylight’-blue color to visualize the sky with the sun and stars still being included (the sun being a clear yellow round shape, with the word ‘sun’ next to it).

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Illustration styles

MrStarsky teams up with talented artists and graphic designers to create a visual language appealing to children from every age. Our collection exists of:

  • MrStarsky x Studio Kars&Boom
  • MrStarsky x Marta Abad Blay
  • MrStarsky x Sella Molenaar ‘Forever’
  • MrStarsky x Sella Molenaar ‘Together’
  • MrStarsky x AQUA
  • MrStarky x TERRA

Sizes and paper quality

Both illustration styles are available in the following three sizes:

30 x 40 cm – €34
40 x 50 cm – €39
50 x 70 cm – €44

We use the finest, 100% natural and FSC-certified paper. This 270-grams paper is off white and with a kind of ‘egg-shell’ lush tactility. Our prints are made in the Netherlands.


Our posters get delivered in a flat package. But we have some good news: we’ve started selling our own frames! So, if you are interested in purchasing a frame, you can read more about it over here. Already have a frame sitting at home? No problem! Our prints come in standard sizes – so they can fit into other frames.

Special remark on the designs of Studio Kars + Boom and Marta Abad Blay

The posters with the design of MrStarsky x Studio Kars + Boom and MrStarsky x Marta Abad Blay have something extra: next to the starry sky itself, the poster contains illustrations of the five star signs that stood central during that special moment. For example: if the constellation lynx was visible in the center of the sky, you’ll find an illustration of a lynx at the bottom of the poster! The illustration changes with the position of the stars!
The starry sky is continuously changing [read more]. Sometimes the sky consists of zodiac signs of which we don’t have illustrations of (yet). This means that for those particular birthplaces (on the southern hemisphere during certain moments), it’s impossible to order a poster in the Studio Kars + Boom or Marta Abad Blay design. The tool that helps you create a poster will give the next notification: ‘unfortunately a poster cannot be created yet for the location chosen’ – you may want to choose our other design in this case!