Picture frames

Often we get questions about it and here is our answer: we will offer a picture frame along with our prints! We chose a FSC-wooden picture frame in 3 different colors with polystyrene glass. This one got our preference, because it will give a calm and neutral touch. Furthermore this picture frame fits our three illustration styles ánd every room of the house really well.

The picture frame will be send along separately in a protective cover.

When you are creating a print in our webshop, you’ll be asked whether or not to add a picture frame to the print. On basis of the selected print size, automatically the right picture-frame size is selected.

The price is as follows:

30×40 – € 25

40×50 – € 30

50×70 – € 37

Further details regarding the picture frames are shown in the detail drawing.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.