Studio Kars + Boom
We create new worlds in which we wish to wake up, every day. We search for the geometry of landscapes, the shapes and patterns of cities thus creating a new interplay of lines.”, says Kevin Kars and Cynthia Boom of Studio Kars + Boom. Their colorful graphics is what got us attracted to their designs – even before the existence of MrStarsky. We had the pleasure of meeting each other at the Dutch Design Week of 2015 in Eindhoven. Our concept of the personalized posters of the starry sky is what got them attracted to us: we launched our very first poster with them! (visit

Marta Abad Blay
Spanish artist Marta Abad Blay is a very versatile one, with a background in Fine Arts (University of Valencia) and in Visual Effects (Film Academy, Amsterdam). Drawing has always been a passion of hers. Besides creating lovely illustrations for MrStarsky, she runs her own children’s brand, designs prints for a wide variety of kid’s clothing lines, and she creates illustrations for a book. As an illustrator, she’s known for her naïve and organic drawing style. You can visit her website over here:

In the spring of 2018, we launched our third style: MrStarsky x AQUA. This soft-eyeing watercolor style with a serene and timeless appearance, can serve as a gift for many special occasions: from the birth of a baby, or birthdays to a marriage, or a (romantic) first meeting. This design fits perfectly with the current interior design trends and is easy to incorporate with every other wall decoration! The AQUA starry sky was painted by Fennechien, one of the founders of MrStarsky.

Sella Molenaar
Sella Molenaar’s work is fluent, minimalistic and can be described as a spontaneous and intuitive interplay of lines. Imperfection is often the main subject in her designs. Her work is highly appreciated, endorsed by an impressive portfolio for high-end brands, such as Harper’s Bazaar, La Perla, de Bijenkorf and SLA. The use of color and materials in her designs for MrStarsky x Sella Molenaar are typical for her style, this way the posters bear a true Sella-signature. Sella created two illustrations: ‘Forever’ represents the bond between parent and child, ‘Together’ is symbolic for the precious bond between two people, e.g. lovers, friends, or family. Read more about Sella through

Woezel & Pip Baby
A starry sky completely in style of Woezel & Pip Baby: a personalized gift for newborns and their parents. In collaboration with Dromenjager (Dutch for dreamchaser), the company that created Woezel & Pip, we developed the Woezel & Pip Baby poster, which is exclusively available on our website. The style is very pure and simple, with the soft usage of color and modest artwork style. According to the brand director and co-owner of Dromenjager, Lucy Woesthoff, this prefectly fits with the feeling that you get with newborns and babies: pureness, tenderness and cuddliness. Discover more at  Did you know that with every poster, a donation is made to the Guusje Nederhorst Fonds? This fund supports projects that centralizes the welfare of children and animals.