MrStarsky goes Germany!

~go where the stars take you~

Hello Netherlands! Great news from Germany!

From February 2020 our  starry sky’s  will be officially available in Germany. “Go where the stars take you” – that’s how the stars guided us to Germany this year. This is where Claire and Barbara, our new Dutch/German marketing duo, live. They will be joining our team with a lot of enthusiasm and expertise!

It all started with a party in Amsterdam…

Fennechien (Co-Founder MrStarsky) was at a party in Amsterdam talking to a friend from Munich about all the ideas for MrStarsky in Germany. Coincidentally he was also a friend of Claire’s and so the stars led us to each other. Claire is born in the Netherlands, where she has worked for a long time as a marketer and brand manager.  Now she is living in Munich with her husband and two children for a few years.

About the same time Claire and Barbara met at the daycare in Germany. They immediately had a click and realized that they would make a great team. During one of their conversations Claire mentioned the starry sky posters of MrStarsky and Barbara was enthusiastic right away. Barbara – born and raised in Germany – is an experienced product and brand manager in the beauty industry and also founder of a small FairFashion label in Germany.

Two weeks later Barbara and Claire were on a plane to Amsterdam to meet Liesbeth and Fennechien. The chemistry was right and there was an instant mutual click. This was the beginning of a beautiful journey through Germany!

“When Claire showed me MrStarsky’s Instagram account for the first time, I immediately got excited and gave me goose bumps! I could feel the love for detail and was mesmerized by the concept”.


“I am super thankful and happy that I can work so freely and flexibly. Everyone is positive and I am being part of a dynamic team – it is so much  fun! 


New work – of course!

Based in Munich Claire and Barbara are now responsible for the German market. Communication with Amsterdam is simple and flexible – there are so many tools that make long-distance contact easy and, with the help of a wide variety of channels and conversations in English, Dutch or German, we are the perfect team! Flexibility and trust are the basis for these four mothers with a total of nine children. This is what makes the teamwork dreamwork 😊 .

Welcome, dear Claire en Barbara!

Greetings from Amsterdam,